Friday, January 20, 2012

On Being Sad

I consider myself an expert on being sad. If sad were a degree choice, I'd have my masters and be moments away from finishing my doctorate. If sad were a color, it would be the one that matches my skin type the best.

So let me tell you something about being sad that most people don't realize, you don't get to have the monopoly on it. 

Even though it may feel like it, even when you are 100% sure that you are the saddest person on Earth, you aren't the only one and it's not fair to say or think that you are.

It's not fair to cut others down because you think that you've had it worse. It's not fair to call someone a baby or say that they aren't trying hard enough. Nobody chooses to be sad. Nobody wants to be sad and sometimes, people can't even figure out exactly why they are.

Instead of being hard on yourself for not having the right state of mind or trying hard enough or reading enough "how to" manuals on making your life the way you want it to be, try something new.

Let yourself be sad. Allow yourself time to soak it all up and just flat out deal with it. Tell yourself that it's okay that you're feeling the way that you do because it is. Put it in the right box, call it by the right name and just let it be.

After awhile, what seems like the worst feeling in the world will more than likely seem further and further away. Instead of waking up sad, you might not even notice the feeling until it sneaks up on you in the afternoon. Once you've stared it in the face, it stops being hard and starts being possible.


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  1. This blog makes me proud. It's so very true. Thanks for the reminder. :)