Sunday, January 29, 2012


Did anyone else notice that just about everyone has a birthday in the last week or so? I went to two birthday parties this weekend and they were both amazing fun. However, by the time I got home late last night, I was definitely ready for a day of sitting in bed, watching netflix.

 First, my friend and I tried to take a picture together but were laughing too hard that it only captured a part of my shoulder, half of her face and some poor random girl in the background.
 I was really proud of my outfit on Tuesday so I couldn't help but take one of these pictures.
Also, my dog is the best.
 Some of the best things that has ever happened to me, a grammar error on a professional document made by my university and a best friend hug exchanged between two birthday share-ers.

My host teacher was out at a conference Monday-Thursday so I taught most of the week with a substitute teacher. It was amazing and exhausting and needles to say, I feel 100% ready for my internship in March.

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