Friday, November 4, 2011

4 days

Life has been a bucket of awesome lately and to celebrate: here are 4 things I am thankful for (It being November and Thanksgiving month and all).

1. My friends. Friends are one of the only situations where quality over quantity is true. My friends are this lovely, dysfunctional group of misfits who were fortunate enough to find each other and I am so thankful that we have every single day.

2. My family. I'll be honest, they aren't great all the time but when they are, they really are.

3. Cupcakes. Well, baking as a whole but especially cupcakes. There is just something so cathartic about baking something and eating it fresh out of the oven that can turn any terrible situation around. 
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4. BOOKS. New books. Rereading old books. Book stores, libraries, thrift stores. 

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  1. Whiterrrrrs! I have been out of the blog loop, but today, I am freeeee & I am browsing, I have missed connecting with you so much! Do you fb? I would love to add you and be able to connect with you more often!