Thursday, November 24, 2011


Thanksgiving this year has been nothing but stressful and disappointing. With every single plan falling through and my family being nothing short of impossible. I have thrown in the towel and have decided to hopeful try and stay in my pajamas and play the new Zelda game. Anyway, I plan on writing more about that later.

But, I have written a list of things I am thankful for every year since social networking has become a thng in my life and this is one of the only traditions I still have control over so here it is:

1. Books. Oh my goodness, I am thankful for the numerous books I've read this year that have made me think, cry, laugh and have a temporary escape from my regular life.

2. Adventures. My adventure this year changed my entire life and I can't wait for the two more I have planned in the next few months.

3. My family. Even though they are crazy, negative and not the best most of the time, they are what I've got.

4. My friends. The people that I've chosen to make my family. The best group of unique, creative, clever people and I am so thankful to have them.

5. Inside jokes.

6. Baking

7. This life.

Friday, November 4, 2011

4 days

Life has been a bucket of awesome lately and to celebrate: here are 4 things I am thankful for (It being November and Thanksgiving month and all).

1. My friends. Friends are one of the only situations where quality over quantity is true. My friends are this lovely, dysfunctional group of misfits who were fortunate enough to find each other and I am so thankful that we have every single day.

2. My family. I'll be honest, they aren't great all the time but when they are, they really are.

3. Cupcakes. Well, baking as a whole but especially cupcakes. There is just something so cathartic about baking something and eating it fresh out of the oven that can turn any terrible situation around. 
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4. BOOKS. New books. Rereading old books. Book stores, libraries, thrift stores. 

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