Saturday, April 30, 2011

I am definitely ready for some introverted time.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding Friday

I didn't get to watch the royal wedding but I did wake up first thing this morning and google a million pictures. I haven't been around to do the fill in the blanks for awhile (stupid adult life!) but I'm here now.

If you'd like to play, go to this fantastic blog here.

1.   I am looking forward to    my trip to NOLA,  next school year (when I will be teaching third grade the entire time).

2.  Something kind of embarassing that I still love anyway is    the backstreet boys, I still listen to them at least once a week.

3.  My favorite car is     a prius. I want a prius so bad.

4.  If I could pick one type of weather to live with for the rest of my life it would be    sunny and bright with no humanity so my hair will be okay.

5.  My favorite thing to do after a bad/stressful day is    bake something, listen to music and vent  .

6.  This weekend     I will finish the awesome book I'm reading (more about that later) and go to the Star Wars Exhibit .

7.  If I were a color, I'd be       purple      because,     it's my favorite color and I know it's meant to be

Sunday, April 10, 2011


In school, we are told time and time again to ignore labels that are all too often placed on children. Often times, I will be handed a folder with 1 word scribbled on a blank. A word that's usually something like autistic, defiant, low, average, anxious, whatever it may be.

Usually, these words are meaningless to me and the people I work with. While they do have an impact on our instruction, they in no way impact the dynamics of our classroom or the community that we have worked so hard to create.

When the label of anorexic was recently placed on my little sister, I struggled with it at first. I thought of the hundreds of times when I've come across a label placed on a kid and laughed about it. Sometimes thinking something like "yeah, I'm not surprised" or "there's no way". I thought about my innate belief that labels don't define a person, they don't make up a person or change a person. They don't interfere with the way I interact with them, talk to them in the morning as we both rush to get ready for school. Labels are what we make of them, what we choose to do with them. Whatever they may be. 

This label does not define my family or my sister. This does not change things or help things or hinder things. This label isn't who she is or who she will be. 

This label is temporary, meaningless, passing quickly. This label is not her. Instead, it is an unwelcome visitor in my house and I am ready for it to leave. 


There are days when I love my job and I couldn't imagine ever working anywhere else (you've heard this from me before right?) There are days when my job makes me want to cry or rather, punch someone in the face.
This week was Spring Break which means the club is open  from 6-6:30. Most days I worked the 6-12 shift, one day I worked from 10-6:30 and yesterday, well... we will get to that later.

On Monday, we got to work to find out that the school fridge was broken and all the milk, snacks and ranch had gone bad. The smell was disgusting and gag worthy. We put on masks, cleaned it out and survived to tell the tale.

Tuesday through Thursday were... fine. A little stressful but nothing out of the ordinary. 

But Friday. Oh Friday, you bastard. 

I woke up thinking I was working 6-12:30 which is not a big deal. I had planned to spend the rest of Friday in my pajamas, watching the last season of the Tudors. Instead, the girl that is supposed to take my spot, calls in 45 minutes before she was supposed to be there and my 6 hour shifted turned into a 12 hour shift.

I don't mind the hours, I don't mind the people that I was working with or the kids (we only had 40 versus the 60-70 we had the previous few days). 

But holy h, I still tired.

Instead of posting anything of substance, I'm just going to leave you with this: does anyone even remember this commercial? Oh man, I loved it. 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sunday Sweets Volume 8

A little delayed but better late than never, right?

Let's see if you can pick up on the theme.

1. I am a little behind on the scarf bandwagon but in a perfect world, I would have this and wear it all year. Found here

2. Tomorrow (If I have enough time between work and school) I am getting an iphone! I already have my heart set on this cover found here

3. I love this print and would hang it up in my dream bedroom. Found here

4. Along with these flowers found here

5. This dress. Oh this dress. I would wear it on picnics and when I'm teaching and every day of my life. Found here.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


I fought back and forth with this. I would write it in the middle of the night, get the words out of my system. Make peace with what's going on and then save it to my drafts and go to bed, doing what I do best and pretending it wasn't real.

But it is and as much as I want to wake up and move on and hide this part of myself and my life that is out there, that's not how the world works now, is it?

My younger sister has an eating disorder. 

It started off right after the beginning of her eighth grade year. She slowly started cutting down on portions, reading labels, speaking out on what we were having for dinner. Then around Christmas time, she started reading weight loss books, cutting out things like bread, milk, cheese. 

After the first of the year, she started packing only a few crackers or a few carrots for lunch. Obviously not getting enough calories for the day. 

When I asked her about her new diet, she quickly got defensive (a red flag, such a huge red flag). She dropped 40 pounds in 2 months which we all tried to explain to her is unhealthy and so so dangerous. 

She started commenting on things she wanted, saying things like "I don't need it, I want it but I don't need it".

She would get in fights with us, hide what she had eaten (if anything) all day from us. It got to the point where we were losing sleep, constantly worrying about her and struggling to find a safe and non threatening way to deal with what was happening right before our eyes. 

Things are slowly getting better. She now has to keep a journal of the things she eats during the day, then meets with someone to talk about them. Things are getting better, but this disease is still here, living in my house.

I don't know where things will go from here, I don't know how this started or how it will end. I just know that this is my family. This is my baby sister, the light of my existence that has it in her head that for whatever reason, she is not good enough.

If you or someone you know feels this way, please get help. Know that like my sister, you have people who care about you and love you to the moon and back whether you weigh 100 pounds or 400 pounds. Know that it can and will get better.