Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Summer Camp or why I can survive longer than you

One of my favorite blog friends was talking on facebook yesterday about signing her stepson up for Summer camp.

At work, we are talking every. single. day (and by talking, I mean mentally preparing) for summer camp this year.

Summer camp is a HUGE thing.

But it wasn't always in my town. Growing up, my options for summer entertainment were church camps (which at the time, my parents didn't do) or these cheap classes at the community center.

Obviously my mother chose the classes because they were cheap, nearby and "practical".

My mother is the kind of person who always has my best interests at heart. My best interests according to her are almost always a little different than how I would categorize my best interests for myself. 

The summer between 3rd and 4th grade, she was determined that I wouldn't sit around reading (!!!) and instead signed me up for... wood carving and a class about the water cycle.

I spent 4 weeks of my summer learning how to carve wood and identify the stages of the water cycle.

And that's why you'd pick me to be stranded with you on a desert island, right?

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