Sunday, March 13, 2011

Life as I know it

Since the last time I made my way to these parts, things have changed quite a bit. I finished Winter quarter (yessss!) and became 2nd in charge of my branch at work (stressful, awkward, potentially awesome).

Now, let's look at some pictures.

Last night was our yearly auction. We raised $75,000 and have a grant that matches everything we made dollar for dollar. As sappy and disgusting as it is to say, it was amazing to see people in the community who genuinely care about the work we are doing. At one point, they had opportunities to fund a kid. Two people in the crowd donated $10,000. How cool is that? Also, what do these people do in their life that they can donate $10,000 no question asked? I need to wrangle one of those men. 

What I'm saying is that life is stressful, awkward (do you know what it's like being someone's boss while they are also being a huge d-bag? No? You don't want to find out) but not too bad.

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