Sunday, February 27, 2011

My second favorite kind of Oscar

Unless you have been living under a rock in rocksville, you know that tonight is the Academy Awards. One of the most important days of the entire year if you are me.

Here are my oscar predictions-

Leading Actor-
Will win- Colin Firth
Should win- I would cut off my pinky finger for Jesse Eisenberg to get this award. It's not just because he is my intj crush but because he deserves it. If you don't think so, just watch the scene where Eduardo says to him "You had one friend!", Jesse subtly flinches and it's the best bit of acting ON EARTH.

Supporting Actor-
Will win- Probably Geoffrey Rush although this is a category I'm not completely sold on.
Should win- Umm... Yeah. Christian Bale who I love to hate.

Leading Actress-
Will win- Natalie Portman.
Should win- Annette Bening. She's classy and lovely and in The Kids are All Riht when she sings Joni Mitchell, you just can't help but adore her.

Supporting Actress-
Will win- Helena Bonham Carter
Should win- It breaks my heart to say this but I don't think Hailee Steinfeld should even be in this category when she is very clearly a leading actress in True Grit. However, I think THIS award should be given to Helena Bonham Carter because she's quirky and delightful and did a great job hiding her real personality in her role and that's what acting is all about to me.

Animated Feature film-
Will win- Toy story 3
Should win- How to Train Your Dragon because it is everything Toy Story 3 wishes it were

Art Direction-
Will Win- Probably Inception
Should win- I'm tied on this one. I think if Inception were going to win anything, it should be this but it's about time that the Harry Potter crew get some love.

Will Win- The King's Speech
Should Win- The social network. duh.

Costume Design-
Will Win- Probably The King's Speech
Should win- I am Love

Will Win- OH LORDY, it better be David Fincher
Should win- See above.

Will Win- Inside Job
Should win- Exit Through the Gift Shop. A movie I watched 3 days ago and have not stopped thinking about sense. What is art? Who is Banksy? How cool is this movie?

Documentary short subject-
Will Win- I have not seen any of these so I'm just going to randomly pick. Will win- Poster girl

Should win- see above.

Film Editing-
Will win- The King's speech
Should win- THE SOCIAL NETWORK. Hands down.

Foreign Language Film-
will win- Biutiful
Should win- Dogtooth

Will win- The Wolfman
Should win- The wolfman

Will win- The King's speech and its lazy score.
Should win- Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross produced a score that I have on my ipod, I love it so. If you don't believe that Trent Reznor is oscar worthy, listen to "in the hall of the mountain king" from the movie and talk to me about it again.

Music Original Song-
Will win- I see the Light from tangled
Should win- I LOVED tangled and I think it deserves this.

Best Picture-
Will win- The King's Speech
Should win- I would cry and throw up and vomit and die if the social network won. Which I believe to the bottom of my heart that it should. This movie is a snapshot of real life right now. This movie is about friendships and fitting in and doing something new and important. This movie is what every. single. movie should look like and be like. Enough said.

Short Animated Film-
Will Win- Day and Night
Should win- The Gruffalo

Short Film Live Action-
Will win- Na Wewe
Should win- Wish 143

Sound Editing
Will Win- Inception
Should win- I'm okay with Inception here.

Sound mixing-
Will win- Maybe the social network. maybe.

Visual Effects-
Will win- All of these movies are kind of blah. So, Inception?
Should win- HARRY POTTER.

Adapted Screenplay-
Will win- The Social Network
Should win- You know the answer.

Original Screenplay-
Will win- The King's Speech
Should win- In my dream world, this is the only thing the King's speech wins

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