Sunday, December 26, 2010


My sister and I are a little different.

And by a little, I mean 100% completely different.

I like things to be loud, right on the line of inappropriate and hilarious. I live by the philosophy that the darker and weirder something is, usually the better.

My sister is serious, conservative and straight laced.

While I've known that I've always been meant to work with the under 8 crowd, she has always wanted to be a nurse or medical researcher.

But because we spend so much time together, I often forget just how different we are.

Until something happens and holy shit do I remember.

We both spent huge portions of Christmas day with our noses in our new books (SEE! THE SAME).

My book is It's Kind of a Funny Story. One of the best books that I've read all year (not the mention the movie was pretty fantastic).

A story of a depressed 15 year old who contemplates killing himself but instead checks himself into a mental hospital. The teen flood is being renovated so he instead, spends his time with the just as crazy adults.

Did I mention that it's wonderful?

Her book? Her book is Reshaping it All written by Candace Cameron.


So yeah, we are just a little different. But different is good, right?


  1. That's interesting! Guess they will let anyone be a writer.... even DJ Tanner, eh?

  2. Is it wrong that I see that title and cover blurb and all I can think of the episode of Full House where DJ decides she HAS to fit into a super skimpy bathing suit so she stops eating and goes nuts at the gym? (If that's not mentioned in the first chapter, I'm calling Author FAIL and/or revisionist history.)