Friday, December 31, 2010


January: This is one of the only pictures on my computer from January. I'm going to assume that January was the month that I got my feet under me (Get it, get it).

February: February made up for it 100%. I turned 21 and had an amazing birthday party and went on a girl date with my mom to see Billy Joel and Elton John.

 March: March brought a sweet girl date to Seattle complete with the Seattle Public Library, milkshakes and conversations about life by the fountain.

April: Trips to the farmer's market, fancy cupcakes and picture taking adventures.

May: Roadtrips to Olympia for their amazing farmer's market and awesome street art.

June: Feeding the ducks, one of many awesome cloudy skies and seeing Eclipse at midnight.

July: Fireworks, bonfires, 80's parties and the first of many, many sleepovers.

August: Field trips, more bonfires and sleepovers, a trip to the aquarium, mile long hikes and a trip to La Push (but not the scary trip, that will come later).

September: Day trips to Seattle, Forks, a near death camping experience in La Push and Lisa Frank birthday parties.

October: Pumpkin patch, Halloween cupcakes and my fancy nancy costume

November: Winter crafts dates, seeing Harry Potter at midnight, cupcakes and the first snow storm of the year.

December: A trip to see the picasso exhibit at the seattle art mueseum, ruby slippers, hot chocolate made with love and of course, Christmas.

It's been a fantastic year. Don't get me wrong, it was filled with just as much bullshit as one would expect to take place in 365 days but... I've gone to new places, met new people, gotten closer to becoming a teacher, grew up, slowed down and lived life more than I ever have before.

So, 2010, I'll miss you and always be a little fond of you but I am so so ready to see what kinds of kickass things your younger, cooler brother, 2011 has in store for me.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Yesterday, I talked about how much I hate new year's eve and how I am beyond ready for 201 to just be here already.

Here are a few reasons why I am 100% sure that 2011 is going to be a kick ass year.

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1) I will turn 22. This makes me slightly older, slightly wiser and further away from my disgusting teen years.
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 2) Bumped by my favorite YA author forever and all time, Megan McCafferty is coming out. It's been described as a cross between Heathers and The Handmaid's Tale. Which in my opinion, is one of the most delightful descriptions of all time. I've already written about this book here.  Even better, I contacted Megan about a conference I am going to next Summer and not only did she write back (!!) but she said she is hoping to go. Which brings me to point #3.

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3) ALA Annual Conference in New Orleans. I've talked at great lengths about how badly I want to (and need to) just go away for a little while. One of my closest friends is a youth services librarian and invited me to go with her in June. Not only is it the perfect time (5/6 days is the perfect amount for my first adventure) but I'm going somewhere that is all about books. SO SO Excited.

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4) U2. I was supposed to see them this year but then Bono got hurt and our concert was rescheduled. In case you are new here, U2 is my favorite band and I saw them once already in 2005. It's probably going to be the second best night of my life. I just can't wait.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Anti New Year

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I don't like New Year's Eve.

In fact, it is my least favorite holiday of the year more or less.

I don't like the weird social pressure to go to a party or have a significant other to ring in the new year with. I don't like the weird feeling of knowing that this year is over, this year that I am just now finally getting comfortable with, finally becoming friendly with. 

I don't like any obligation to feel nostalgic, to focus on where I've come and more importantly, where I still need to go.

I just want the year to start off silently, sneak in while I'm sleeping and be ready for me when I'm ready for it.

That's how it should be. But if I've learned anything in my 21 years of life (and after celebrating 20 lame new year's eves), how things should be and how things are, are usually 2 entirely different things.