Sunday, November 7, 2010


This weekend has been full of movies and books.

Friday night, we left work, got chinese for dinner and made it in time to see Never Let Me Go (last week we saw It's Kind of a Funny Story and barely made it in time because of having to close at Work).

Never Let Me Go is dark and depressing. It's fantastic, but not the movie you want to see if you want to feel good about life. It's beautifully done and we both enjoyed it. 

The part we didn't enjoy however was when we were going to leave the movie theater and all the lights in the lobby were off and the doors were locked. Yeah, that's right, we were locked inside a movie theater. We outwitted the serial killer that was apparently trying to get us and made it out alive though.

We decided not to see Due Date and instead came home. We are going to see that tonight though so I'll talk about it later.

Yesterday we watched Pushing Daisies the first part of the day. Like Arrested Development, Pushing Daisies is another show that was taken off the air much too soon. Also, if you are into MBTI, it is the biggest NF show I've ever watched in my life. We decided to leave the house around 3 and one of our stops was Costco to buy books and eat dinner (what you don't go to costco to buy books and eat dinner? lame).

I bought Room by Emma Donoghue(I have been dying to read it and am currently #54 in line to get it at the library so I broke down and bought it). So far it is intense but amazing. I can't put it down. (In fact, I'm so into this story and the way it's told that I stopped reading "The Screwed Up Life of Charlie the Second" which is also dark and hilarious, to read this).

I also bought Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk by David Sedaris. Who is delightful and beyond hilarious. 

We then decided to watch Temple Grandin. I had already seen it but he hadn't. It's amazing. I can't stress how amazing this movie and her story is. Amazing enough that both of us liked it, which is rare. Claire Danes is one of my favorite actresses to begin with and this story already hits close to home because we work with 3 children have autism every day. 

My plans for the day are to finish up Room, work briefly on my art unit plan (my group is doing Chinese New Year, so it shouldn't be too awful) and then go see Due Date tonight.

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