Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The powers that be.

This week at work, the kids get out at 12:40 instead of 3:40. This leaves us with three extra hours, Just in case you didn't do the math.

I got into work yesterday to find out that neither one of my site coordinators thought about a plan or the fact that we might need you know, an idea as to what we are going to do with the children.

Oh yeah, add that to the fact that the power kept going on and off and we had 74 kids (which is 15ish more than normal and also put us 14 children over ratio. Oh and we also only ordered snack for 50, no big deal right?).

The day was stressful and annoying and just plain ugly. 

But then, by the powers that be. My Monday night class was canceled and instead of having to work through this gross day and then go to school, I got to go to my friend's house.

We made spaghetti and we made a plan and we talked about life and our job and how so weirdly similar we are yet so so different.

We talked for six hours straight and we didn't turn on the tv once (which is rare for us) and I just feel so much better now.

It's amazing how much better it is being miserable when you have someone to be miserable with.

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