Monday, August 2, 2010

Yeah, about that.

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Aside from losing a friend over Avatar (see here),  Things in my little corner of the world have been difficult and frustrating beyond belief. 

Things have been so overwhelming for me and I'm not even sure why. Problems that would normally not upset me in the least have been upsetting me more than they should. I just want people to work harder and do better and when that doesn't happen, it just really upsets me.

It's been a week of high highs and low lows but I know I only have 3 weeks left working with the most amazing people on the planet (well, most of them are at least) and I'm trying so hard to make the most of each and every moment. 

But I'm here and I'm surviving and I know that this is just another chapter in the half decent book that is my life.

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  1. Oh yes Whits... it is just another chapter and i am so glad that you are learning so much from you workplace... lessons like these stay with us forever... and remind us how good we have done before in the times of crisis... Stay put.. love xoxoxo