Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday Sweets Volume 7

Hi. I'm mixing it up a little bit and instead of posting things I've found online that I like, here are some sweet moments from my life lately...

*all photos are taken from my cell phone and snatched from my mobile uploads folder on facebook.

Every night that I have class, the sprinklers come on at 6:48 and it makes me so happy inside. On Thursday, we had our break at the same time and we sat outside and ate our dinner right by them. It was perfection.

Look at how perfect and polka dotty those clouds are.

I know this one is blurry but last Sunday my coworker and I (who is so perfect and awesome and quickly becoming one of my favorite people ever) went to dinner and a movie. His fortune cookie said "Let the light of your soul shine forth for others to benefit". Mine said something lame about financial hard times and making it through, practically implying that I don't have to worry about money because I'm going to be living with my parents forever. No lie.

Last week we had a camp out and favorite coworker hung up these lights across the tent and it made the tent glow purple (which happens to be my favorite color) and it was amazing.
Last week in my social studies class, we had a class auction (we are learning about multi-age classrooms and different strategies we could use to teach life skills, an auction and classroom money system being one of them) and I bought this awesome, wonderful crown that I proceeded to wear the entire rest of the night. I got out bid on a peter pan hat and sword though :(

In math this week, we learned about place value and how to show place value concepts using tiles and beans. Being the mature, future teacher that I am, I made a castle for my bean people.

Another one of the things we did in math class was had to make a home for a number family. We made a castle, including a pegasus.

lastly, this is my favorite thing on Earth. It's a note about how I am a good teacher. The part that makes my heart sing is how "sometimes, she is very very silly". This makes life worth it.

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