Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Don't you wish you were me

Sometimes I worry about how much you guys want to live my life. I mean, it's full of really awesome moments.

Like the time I did a group project with an adult who has a small child trapped inside there body (seen here), The time when we accidentally fed the kids moldy bagels at work (here), the time when I did 230823 things in one day (here), and most importantly when I lost a friend because I talked crap about Avatar (here).

But today something happened that was even more exciting and better than all that other stuff. Today i got these in the mail, ON THE SAME DAY!

BILLS FOR $15,000 and I still have two more years of school to go.

I know you want to trade lives guys, but there's no way I'm letting go of my awesome life. Especially now that I owe the government more money than I've made the entire time I've been alive.


  1. Oh haha.. trade with me...trade with me....

  2. LOL. You can trade with me. I have even bigger school loan debt. Try $30,000+ each year for law school.. and that doesn't even count the 4 years of undergrad.