Friday, July 30, 2010

This story is 100% true

Last night in my social studies class, I went on and on and on about how much I hate the movie Avatar. Really. I hate it.

Someone suggested that we should watch it because right now we are learning about native americans and how they were forced from their homes and stripped of their lives so the white explorers could make money for their land (no really, this is what the girl said in my class who suggested we watch Avatar).

I said hell no. Not only is that a copyright violation which we spent TWO weeks learning about but Avatar sucks and is the most boring, overrated piece of cinema of all time. 

I meant it not in a debate way but in like a, please let me recommend movies that don't blow kind of way. I think her point was awesome and this would be a great tool to make real life connections for students. But NOT for adults who pay to be in class and can watch this movie on their own time.

I come home from class and find this as her facebook status:

I try to respect people and what they say but I cannot stand when people think their opinion is a fact (especially when it comes to movies). Did they not learn the difference between fact and opinion? I should look on OPSI to see what grade that is supposed to be taught in.

I mean, really. I think what she doesn't realize that instead of feeling like I just got burned, it makes me literally laugh out loud. 

She's this mad because I don't like Avatar? Really?

Come on people. Let's review the rules of having the internet.

1. It's okay if people think differently than you. Actually, it's even kind of fun.

2. Don't talk shit about someone who you see FOUR DAYS A WEEK. 

3. Being pissy on the internet is just silly. Especially facebook. Especially when you are being obvious. Especially when it's over Avatar.

Avatar. Breaking up cohorts since 2009.

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