Friday, July 16, 2010

Holy F.

This week has been haarrddd.

Filled full of trials and frustrations and just a little(more like a lot)  too much to handle.

But, we made it through and I'm alive.

Work has been hard and school has been stressful. This week was midterm week so I was studying as much as possible during the day (including on my lunch breaks) and just trying to make it through each and everyday. It felt to me like each day was like pushing a boulder up a hill in the pouring down rain, by myself with no idea how to do it. 

But did I mention I survived? Because I did. And this weekend, holy hell you better believe it's going to be full of fun and relaxing.

I've missed two weeks worth of blanks which makes me sad but at the end of the summer, things will return back to normal.

For now, I'll just provide you with this:

I took this the other day when I was sitting outside at school and it's just perfect. Maybe I should make it my background and look at it everytime I start to feel overwhelmed.


  1. Hope things get better and less stressful soon! :)

  2. Hope your midterms went well! That photo is great, very serene!

  3. Han g in there Whitz... You are gonna make pretty much sums up my schedule.... I need sleep.. :-(

    And that is a lovely pic there..... seriously i would love some of that calmness and tranquility.....