Thursday, July 1, 2010


Thanks to the powers that be, I am off work 3 hours early and now have time to post pictures from the midnight showing of Eclipse instead of doing it this weekend like I originally had planned. We decided to go see Eclipse at the drive in instead of the movie theater because the drive in is 180921 times better.

 It was the perfect night out!
My sister and I in the van.
I was worried I wouldn't have enough time to get snacks and go to the bathroom before the first movie started.

My sister and her best friend since kindergarten doing crazy things with sour patch kids.
Mom and Aunt

Movie theater nachos are one of my favorite foods on earth. can you tell?
sweet set up.
The first movie was "Letter from Juliet" and it was such a huge giant yawn.
how cool is the moon? seriously.
Ignore Bella's dumb face and look at the moon! Seriously. 

It was an amazingly fun night. i can't wait to go to the midnight showing of harry potter in november. I watched the trailer for it yesterday and it looks sooo good.

Oh! Expect a huge updatey type post coming sometime this weekend.


  1. Yay for Eclipse! :)

  2. AAAAHHH! Can't wait to see it...I'm going Monday:)