Friday, June 18, 2010

Because it's life and it's real.

I came home from work today and cried.

I'm frustrated beyond belief and feel constantly misunderstood. 

I feel like when I'm making progress and coping with my anxiety as best as I can, I get knocked down a notch or ten. 

Life isn't fair sometimes.

I promised I'd write when things get less than awesome and right now is one of those times.

I don't like when people expect me to play a certain role and I can't play it. I don't like being the one always on the outside. I have strong guards set up for a reason and I'm disappointed with myself for letting them down.

So, I'm spending the weekend in Seattle with my favorite boy to deal and cope and recharge.

Feel free to text, email, whatever. 



  1. O, I'm sorry you feel that way. Keep it up, though. One day you'll be understood :)

  2. AH!!!! bad days suck.... You enjoy in Seattle.... have a great time and get recharged up.... because if Seattle cant do it i don know what else can.... OH wait!!! maybe shopping