Saturday, May 22, 2010


I'm writing this post because I'm supposed to be writing lesson plans all weekend (literally, I have 6 due this week) and I have zero motivation. None. It's not even like writing these plans are that hard or complicated. I just don't feel like doing it.

So instead, I'm here. Catching up on comments (or attempting to at least) and making lists of pointless things.
Here's whats on my mind right now:
  • I don't understand why it's even necessary to write lesson plans. I don't ever use them when I teach. I completely 10000% understand the importance of being organized and having things written out and a plan for the week (I am INFJ afterall) but this whole, 4 page plan for every single lesson I teach is a bit much and just for my teachers. Not at all for me.

  •  I'm friends with a friend of a friend on facebook. Did you follow that? I go to school with a friend we'll call A and was trapped at her house once (literally, trapped at this girls house because I didn't have a car and we were supposed to drive to class together). Anyways, her friend M came over and now becuase you know, we hung out once we are supposed to be friends on facebook. Anyways, this girl has the most ridiculous statuses on EARTH. I want to pull my hair out everytime I read them. Here's an example of some (complete with my commentary of course)

    If LOST was so great, why did it get cancelled? I'm seriously curious as to why it's going bye bye.
    Uh. Seriously? Lost wasn't canceled. They announced in 2007 that the show would end in 2010. If you are going to bitch about something on the internet, at least make yourself look edcuated and know the facts first.

    so, these giant sized smarties are just that. giant. smarties. meaning that they are the bomb!

    Please tell me you are kidding.

    Dear Stupid Man at the main gate, you're a poo poo head!

    Let me explain this one. The man at the gate she is referring to is the guy at the MAIN GATE of the freaking NAVAL BASE. That they don't let her randomly come on and visit her husband 430834 times a week at. 

    Needless to say, I hid her after I copied these statuses. It's not just because she bagged on Lost (although that was the icing on the hiding cake) but I just hate reading that kind of garbage.
  • I spend a lot of time working on the Puget Sound Etsy team. It's  really frustrating to me though when I get emails/comments complaining about how we don't have meetings and blah blah blah. but everytime I do try and plan anything, nobody responds. I'm trying hard to do a featured seller article once a week on the blog to show off work and get to know people on the team better but I've had ONE response. One! Don't complain if you aren't willing to contribute. Losers.

    Alright, I'm going to slave away some more. Please go out and do something fun so I can live vicariously through you.


  1. I LOVE your posts! :) Always makes me smile!

  2. OH!!!! zero motivation is understood... completely completely..... Tomorrow i am starting to work... there will be work work and more work and 0 motivation i suppose..... anyhooos..... i hope that you get motivation... and slave less....

    i am just hugging you now Whits..... take care