Thursday, May 6, 2010

Unsent letters Volume 2

Dear school acquaintance, 
Your life is not that bad. 
When you complain, it makes me lose respect for you.
Also, I knew you wouldn't last at your job. 

Dear M,
Thanks for being amazingly hilarious and willing to take mock awkward prom pictures with me (you can see this on facebook).
You are my best friend and I probably wouldn't have been able to survive the first quarter of this program if it wasn't for you.
xoxo for real,

Dear MBTI,
Thanks for being awesome and making sense and helping me understand people and be a little more patient.

 Dear Lost,
 I can't tell you how much it upsets me that we are running out of time together. You are the highlight of my week. I don't think I will care about a show half as much as I care about you. But here's the thing, please please please end well. Please tell me the island isn't hell and you haven't all been dead this whole time. That is both lame and predictable. See you soon dears.
Your #1 for life,

 Dear Student Store,
Where the hell is your diet dr. pepper. I pay you $3000 every 3 months, the last you could do is supply me with my drug of choice.
Do your job,

 Dear Verizon,
I hate you. I hate you so much, If I met you in a dark alley, I wouldn't even think twice about punching you in the face (unless of course it was Lost night and I wouldn't have time to go to the ER when you punch me back). I'm so sick of my phone randomly turning off and your only solution being to come into the verizon store. Because you know, I have time to spend 5 hours in there. 
Bite me,

 Dear life,
 I am trying. I really am. Can you just meet me halfway here?

 Dear Tuesday night teacher,
Sorry I didn't change my unit topic even after you passive aggressively told me I should. In the words of John Locke, "Don't tell me what I can't do".
Wishing you had faith in me,

  Dear New Subscribers,
Hi. My name is Whitney. Thank you so much for finding me funny/awkward/interesting/awesome.
I'm sorry you found my little corner of the internet during a really dark and lame time. Things are getting so much better and I can't wait to share it with you. So stay awhile, but your feet up and enjoy the ride.


  1. We love you Whitney.....

    Stay put.....

    I loved this idea of letters..... Take care

  2. This is such a great idea - love it!