Monday, May 24, 2010

The one about the baby animals

Tomorrow (today if you're fancy and live somewhere that isn't near me), I have my first unit plan due. I decided to do it on Eric Carle books because I'm a junkie for the written word and Eric Carle is one of my favorite authors. Also, because my program director told me it wasn't a good choice and I was determined to prove her wrong.

Holy hell.

This is the biggest and hardest project I have ever done. Five lesson plans that have 3 different forms of assessment and a cornucopia of other weird and tedious requirements. Each of my lesson plans are between 4-5 pages. I also need a summary and rationale. And a title page because I'm super J and like things a certain way. 

I think I'm done and almost ready for bed and go to print when the ink gage on my printer moves from 2 to zero and starts printing in light gray. fuuuddgee.

I give up universe. I'm just going to go to my happy place.

Wait... I need more...

{all found searching "cute animals" here}

Much better. 

Ok, so what was I saying? Oh yeah, lesson plans.

Forget it. I'm just going to scroll back up and look at the panda waving.


  1. How can you not have a smile on your face when you see the baby turtle or the waving panda??

    Eric Carle is a great choice :-)

  2. Good luck with getting everything done. I'm sure you will do great! :)

  3. All the best dear girl.... and i love these pics... will definitely make my day