Thursday, May 20, 2010

Live Together, Die Alone

Dude. You had to have known this was coming. If you don't like reading about how sick and sad it makes me that Lost is ending, look away now. (also, beware of possible spoilers).

 In case you don't know or have been living under a rock for the last few weeks, Lost ends this Sunday. Forever.

Lost is my favorite show ever. I love it so much. The thing about it is, you either love Lost or you don't. I've never met anyone who is in the middle. I have a small group of Lost devotees who I text back and forth with during each episode. When we hang out, we compile list of our favorite Lost moments or the moments that truly surprised us.

When I don't get out of class by 8:30, I start to get anxious and worry that I'll miss the first few minutes of each episode, the moments that introduce us to the next piece of the story before going to the title screen and leaving us begging for more. 

I feel how I felt when the last Harry Potter book came out. Knowing that it was all over made me feel sad and worried. I like things to end the way I want them too. I want to be able to say "wow, it all made sense and was obvious from the start". 

I'll miss spending nights with you Lost. I'll miss having something as awesome as you are to look forward to. I'll miss trying to figure you out. I'll miss your subtle clues and inside jokes. 

See you in another life.


I now present you with my top 10 favorite Lost moments...

10. Finding out Sayid now works for Ben

9. Hurley Driving the dharma van

8. Pretty much any moment from "The Constant"

7. Not Penny's Boat

6. "Let's go over it again"

5. Seeing Jacob for the first time

4. Locke in the coffin

3. Breakfast with Henry Gale

2. Downtown

1. Desmond in the hatch! (my favorite lost/tv moment forever and all time)


  1. Love your list!! I have one of my own that I'm posting on Saturday :-)

    As for today, my post about the Season 5 finale party I had is finally up. Love that you're as into Lost as I am!! You'll enjoy all the references in my party post.

  2. Hurley driving the van is my number one-maybe I'll have to blog about that someday. BIG HEARTS.

    And I LOVED The Constant. Oh man.

    I'm at home catching up right now....very interesting.