Sunday, May 2, 2010

Be Back Soon

The last few days have been lovely. Full of good friends, friends I don't know that well but would definitely like to and conversation that reminds me that I'm human and not as alone and strange as I think.
As much as I love being constantly on the go and surrounded by people who care, being an introvert also means that by the end of the day (or weekend in this case) I am left feeling slightly overwhelmed and I just need to take a few steps back to let my energy meter refill itself.
I'm going to be taking a slight internet break (I'm planning to be back by Thursday) to reboot.

Be back soon.


  1. I realized I was an introvert this year, it's so much more relaxing to spend your evenings and weekends how you want to and not stressed out at having to go see people and be all energetic! Anyway hope you recharge soon :)

  2. Sure. Take good care and enjoy the break.

  3. Enjoy your time out. We all need it sometimes! Thanks for your comment on my blog xx

  4. enjoy your break lovely, see you sooooon. :)

  5. Time to come back Whitney... It's Thursday! You promised :-D