Thursday, May 27, 2010

80 MPH

{Found here}
  1. Wake up
  2. Check email while still in bed and respond to 2 emails about joining my etsy team.
  3. Get out of bed, brush teeth, swtich things from my school backpack to my teaching bag
  4. Go downstairs and make a bagel
  5. While bagel is cooking work on reading response for Thursday Class
  6. Eat Breakfast
  7. Pack lunch
  8. Do dishes
  9. shower
  10. Dress for student teaching
  11. Pack change of pants and socks
  12. Leave the house
  13. Drive 20 minutes to school
  14. get to school at 9:10
  15. Talk to three of my students reading specialist
  16. Make it to classroom
  17. Read my host teacher's note for the day
  18. Make copies of entry task
  19. School starts, kids come in.
  20. Pass out entry task. 
  21. Calendar, lunch count.
  22. Reading Group. Half my class leaves, students from other class come in.
  23. Teach the difference between Tepees and Tundra.
  24. Check Allison's, Brooke-Lynne's, Skyler's, Zamir's and Jazmine's homework. 
  25. Write out tickets for the bicycle drawing.
  26. Talk to para about child with CP.
  27. Word knowledge activity (homophones).
  28. Get frustrated when nobody remembers the word suffix when we've talked about it 28093092 times.
  29. Take Austin's chair because he continues to rock in it.
  30. Call helper's to pass out books.
  31. Tell them to turn to page 264, 4 times.
  32. Decide to have them read quietly to themselves instead of in partners like I originally planned.
  33. Have jayson move to the floor near me.
  34. Walk around to monitor reading
  35. Go to my happy place.
  36. Have books put away.
  37. Gulp Dr. Pepper.
  38. Turn off lights and have them put their heads down for 2 minutes of quiet time.
  39. Reading ends, class returns.
  40. have helpers pass out whiteboards and markers.
  41. Repeat the phrase "please leave the cap on your marker until I ask you to take it off" a dozen + times. 
  42. read story problems outloud and ask them to solve it on their whiteboards
  43. Move Sam to back table.
  44. Collect markers
  45. Write the page # on the board that I want them to turn to so I don't have to repeat it.
  46. Work through problem #1 together then have them do the rest on their own. 
  47. Talk to my ELL student about the different meaning of the word "nails".
  48. Sit down.
  49. Attempt to work on lesson for my observation in two weeks.
  50. Kids finish math early, slightly panic, decide to play around the world.
  51. Line up for lunch.
  52. Walk down to lunch.
  53. Tell Malaki and Isabelle to stop poking each other in line.
  54. Sit down, eat half m sandwich with the kids. Reach my interaction capacity after a child asks me to spell I-cup for the 3rd time. Retreat back to the classroom which is dark and quiet and temporarily peaceful to finish my lunch and ingest as much dr. pepper as possible.
  55. Recharge.
  56. Recess bell.
  57. Get students from recess.
  58. Ask them to take out their writing work.
  59. Remind Zavian, Zamir, Aaliyah and Khaiya o check their spelling dicitionary in their desks instead of asking me words they know.
  60. Edit 6 writing assignments
  61. Thank god for early release days. It's time to pack up.
  62. Freak out slightly when I see that a pencil sharpener had been emptied on the floor.
  63. Call kids to the carpet area to read before we go home.
  64. Read approximately 6 minutes instead of the schedule ten due to the fact that I had to stop and tell kids to stop playing with rocks, staples and shoe laces. 
  65. Dismissal bell rings.
  66. Walk kids to bus.
  67. Teaming meeting. Assess how we should teach division in the remaining two weeks when many students still struggle with simple addition.
  68. Correct reading tests. Get frustrated when a question says "why was the boy sad" and one of the answers is "because he was sad".
  69. Leave school.
  70. Pick up dinner. 
  71. Arrive at college.
  72. Change pants and socks.
  73. Go to class. 
  74. Listen to 57 slide presentation (no lie) about assessment and how to write a paper and pencil test the right way.
  75. Eat a candy bar I dig out of my bag.
  76. Drink more dr. pepper.
  77. Get out of class at 9:15.
  78. Finally finally finally head home.
  79. Make it home alive.
  80. Get into my pajamas, brush my teeth and get into bed.
  81. Check facebook, google reader, etsy shop.
  82. Close computer.
  83. Crash.


  1. What a day!!! Oh my goodness. Exhausting! I can relate to so many of those school things. :-)

  2. Wow! Busy busy lady! Hope you have something fun and relaxing planned for the memorial day weekend! :)

  3. Just found your blog and wanted to say hi! What a busy day you have! Hope you have a great weekend XOXO

  4. WHoa!!!!! tHAT IS A HUGE LIST...... but what is great is that tom is sat!!!!! :-)

  5. I got tired just reading this! You're awesome and deserve a free lifetime supply of Dr. Pepper.