Monday, April 19, 2010

The Beauty of Working With Strong Women

Up until recently, I used to absolutely HATE working in groups of women. I just never really experienced it in a way that was productive and drama free. I admit it, this was probably a combination of bad experiences and being close-minded.

In the past couple weeks I have had the privilege of working with two amazing groups of women.

The first group worked to put on an amazing self-esteem workshop in our community for free. I got to watch it take shape from a simple idea to being a huge event. It amazed me (and made me a little teary) to see this not only happen, but happen because of people being willing to donate their time and effort.

Sitting there on Saturday watching this all come together flawlessly made me think to myself “huh, maybe teams of women aren’t all bad news”.

The second group consists of some of the women in my teaching program. I have been working with the same people in this capacity since September while it isn’t always drama free, we have a strong foundation and it amazes me how willing they are to step up to the plate and make wonderful things happen.

One of the women in our program has a relative that is terminally ill. This has required her to make several trips back and forth to Portland while she struggles to maintain homework, her house and getting her kids back and forth to school.

It amazes me how generous and caring everyone has been during this time. We have alternated shifts watching her kids, those who can’t do this because they have families of their own have been bringing them dinner and taking detailed notes in class so she doesn’t fall far behind.

Through these experiences I have learned that while not every group is perfect, being surrounded by strong groups of women is what it’s all about.

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  1. I feel the same way about woman, right now though, I have such a tight knit little group of girl friends, that I really do love.

    I am so glad that the workshop went off without a hitch! And that you had a good time. :) We had a pretty mellow weekend. It was so nice. :)