Sunday, March 28, 2010

What they don't teach you in teaching school

1. Some days, they are just not going to get it. When this happens, it has nothing to do with your teaching. Maybe it's the weather, the fact that it is almost Winter break or maybe there's just something in the air. This doesn't make you a bad teacher, it makes you human. Just try again tomorrow.

2. You're going to cry. I met with a principal recently who told me that if you cry at least once a week your first few years, you are doing something right. You will cry because a child will spell a hard word for the first time on their own, you'll cry when a child tells you about the black mold in her bedroom but they can't afford to move, you'll cry because you'll feel overwhelmed that you're doing something right and you'll cry even harder because you'll feel like you're doing everything wrong.

3. It's okay to steal ideas. Teachers are resourceful and the things they think of will shock you sometimes. Store these ideas for later.

4. ASK FOR HELP. You are going to need it, don't be shy.

5. Celebrate every single victory. no matter how small.

6. They will ALWAYS say "started" when the word is "stared" ALWAYS.

7. Don't plan anything important the ten minutes before lunch.

8. Enjoy it. Enjoy the beautiful moments when you can sneak a dance party into the curriculum, enjoy the first sunny day after a week full of gray dark days. Drink it up.

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