Monday, March 15, 2010

Starts with an X

{Via Google}

I try really hard to stay friends with my ex's. I listen carefully when they tell me all about how they have now met their "soul mate" (in quotes because that's the exact wording of what was said to me last week), I listen to how much she is like me, how much she wants to be my friend, how cool she thinks it is that I'm going to be a teacher. "She could never be a teacher" he says.

I take their phone calls when their new relationships are failing. I am their fill in when their girlfriend has to work and he doesn't want to spend the weekend alone.

I am polite when I run into their parents. I say "I miss you guys too" when they say they miss having me around the house. I pull myself together quickly when people ask how he is, how's his job, how's his life. "He's doing well" I say.

Why do I do this?

Because I know that putting all this good, positive energy out there will come back to me one day. When the day comes and I meet someone who likes U2, watches Star Trek and volunteers enough that he knows all of my students by name, I will call him and tell him how happy I am.


  1. Bahaha,

    I usually tell mine to stuff it, and when they do call/email, I ignore them.

  2. Bahahahaha -

    You are a better woman than I I usually tell mine to stuff it.

  3. That's really awesome...I've wondered through the years how people can stay civil with exes. Good for you! I totally believe that positiveness brings good things!

  4. I was just stopping by your blog, you had commented on my fill in the blank friday, so just wanted to come by and say hi! Then I got sidetracked by what you wrote at the end of this post: "Because I know that putting all this good, positive energy out there will come back to me one day." I love that, so true! =) Have a good week!

  5. As long as you keep it civil, it's all good :)