Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A lesson in Passive Aggressive Email writing

Last quarter, we requested school placement for our first round of practicum (we have a total of 4 placements before our final student teaching). Over the course of the next 9 quarters, I will teach in pretty much every grade.

Anyways, last quarter my placement form was COMPLETELY disregarded. Not only did I not end up in the school district I requested (I ended up in an entirely different TOWN) but I didn't even get the grade levels I asked for.

To insure that this didn't happen when we get placed again in the Fall, I went directly to the school district I want and did the necessary paper work directly with them.

Last night, I emailed my supervisor to let her know that not only was everything good and ready to go but she didn't have to worry about it AT ALL.

These are some of the phrases that were in the email I received back:

-Well, typically...
-That's great
-Do you happen to know if anyone else in the cohort is considering a similar placement?
-See you tomorrow night!

Just in case you don't speak passive aggressive like I do, let me break these phrases down for you.

"Well, typically.." = What are you thinking? Nobody ever questions my way of doing things and I don't care that you're burning more money in gas every week then you make in a month because I messed up your placement BAD.

"That's great" = That's a bunch of crap and I hope it doesn't work out.

"Whatever"= I'm mature, so mature that I say whatever in emails.

Do you happen to know if anyone else in the cohort is considering a similar placement?" = Your Boston Tea Party Antics better stop NOW because I'm going to turn everyone in the cohort against you!

"See you tomorrow night!"= If you don't die first. Those cookies that mysteriously showed up on your doorstep? Spoiler alert, they are full of arsenic. You think driving a half hour each way is bad? You're not going to worry about your host school when you are DEAD.


  1. HEY! You are the person who lives in Port Orchard who reads my blog!!!!! My sister lives in Bremerton! Funny.

  2. Next time you see her in person, shake her hand and squeeze really hard and then maybe stomp on her foot a couple times. You know, show her you're the boss of passive aggressiveness.