Friday, February 19, 2010


Taken from here~

1. If I could medal in an olympic event it would be figure skating. I used to be obsessed with watching figure skating. I would even skate to awesome songs.

2. If I was stranded on a deserted island I'd take my sister, my ipod and a book. Probably The Outsiders.

3. Snakes are my most irrational fear.

4. I'd rather hear nails on a chalkboard everyday, than have to watch a Will Smith movie.

5. I am excited about having lunch with one of my favorite lady friends today. I so look forward to some quality girl talk.

6. I should really be getting ready for student teaching.

7. One of my favorite things in all the world is nights spent with good friends, in our pajamas watching movies and talking about life and the powers of the universe.

My goal for this weekend is to spend time with friends, get caught up on lesson plans and take time to enjoy the little things. Life has been hectic and super stressful but there is only 3 weeks left in the quarter. To me, that's like being stranded out to see and finally being able to see the rescue boat.


  1. I love that you answered your sister. My ex boyfriend was an extra at the drive in scene for "The Outsiders" in the movie :)

    You didn't like "I am Legend?" That Will Smith movie had me crying.

    found you through Fill in the Blank Friday's! :) it was fun reading your answers. xo

  2. Came thru Lauren's FITB friday ..and i taught children for a yr and a half ..its wonderful being around them ..they teach so much without teaching :)
    And my fav is your ans to #7 ..
    have a gr8 weekend !!

  3. what??? not a single will smith movie? he's not my favorite, but i can think of a lot worse actors than him. oh each her own :).

    hope you had a good weekend!