Sunday, February 14, 2010

Anna Howard Shaw Day

In an effort to avoid any Valentine's Day hoopla, I have taken after my soul twin Liz Lemon and have called today Anna Howard Shaw day.

Oh! Before I show you what's been going on today, I busted open my lip Friday night, doing something completely lame so I'll just let you make up an awesome story on your own. Anyways, check this sucker out:
Ignore the frizzy hair and just focus on that lip.

Back to Anna Howard Shaw Day:

Heart shaped pancakes!

Our dinner tonight was amazing. Twice stuffed potatoes are one of my favorite things to make, I got this particular recipe out of the Kraft Magazine (which makes my heart so so happy, if you don't get it already, go sign up for it now!) Anyways, the recipe calls for sour cream, kraft ranch dressing with bacon bits and cheese, everything you should NOT eat but can get away with on a holiday. So so good.

Tomorrow is my birthday! We decided to start celebrating tonight with amazing cupcakes.

This is my last post being 20! I should end it in a clever and meaningful way but I'm so so full and ready for bed.

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