Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Knives and Snatchy

I was going to write about what has been going on in my life but I'm feeling snatchy tonight.

So snatchy in fact that something I said pissed C off so much he turned off his phone. I'm tired and school is slowly sucking out my soul.

Instead I'll share with you a teaching story.

Today in my second grade classroom:

J: Miss W, Can I ask you a REALLY serious question?
Me: Sure J, what is it?
J: How old were you when your mom let you use a real steak knife to cut up steak?
Me: Um, I honestly don't remember, probably like 10?
J: Aw man, I'm 8 and a half and she keeps saying I'm not ready. I'm SO READY Miss W. I know I won't cut off my fingers.
Me: I'm sorry, maybe you could talk to her about it?
J: Could you?
Me: Well, that's not really a teacher thing, I talk to parents about reading and math.
J: what if you say "J can read 94 words a minute and I think he's ready to use a real steak knife".

Love it.

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