Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Place Holder

I have a few things in mind that I really want to right about over the next 25-ish days.

But right now I worked during the day and I'm getting ready to leave for school. I just wanted something here in case I decided to come home from school and crash.

Working at an after school program is the epitome of running a marathon. To be more accurate, it's like running a marathon on one leg while juggling fire. It's such a careful balance of working with parents, community members, students, planning lessons, following up on lessons, meeting each and every need.

I love what I do (correction, used to do) and I miss it some days.

But I know for sure that there is no way imaginable that I could continue working and go to school. Both because they overlap and because I would mentally melt.

Anyways, I'm tired. What I'm trying to say is, after school programs are an amazing thing. A well oiled machine if ran correctly. I highly encourage you to check one out.

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