Friday, October 9, 2009

Over and Over Again

I've had the crappiest week ever.

Ok, maybe not ever but pretty damn close.

So crappy in fact, that I spent the better part of last night on the phone with C, crying and rambling incoherently.

I'm pretty sure I said something about giving up teaching because school has been so overwhelming lately and pursuing porn instead. But of course this was between burst of tears and snot snorting that I can't be 100% sure.

So that's where I've been. Dealing with life and school and feeling overwhelmed and disgusting.

But instead of whining about life, I've come here to share two AWESOME things.

1) My new favorite game. My new favorite game consists of looking at people' political preferences on facebook. Then once I find out someone is a republican, I go back to November 4th and read their statuses. SOOOO FUNNY. Like, I can't even tell you.

2) I was feeling all crummy again today and was just getting ready to give in and comfort bake. THEN I SAW THAT BEHIND THE MUSIC LIL WAYNE WAS ON. I honestly can say in my heart that I felt like this was given to me by the gods. I could not stop laughing. He said things like "it could be some heroin in my cup, aint nobody's business" and "my mom and my fatha figures were there". LOL.

Oh lil wayne, thanks for turning my week around.

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