Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Shane uses the word "Candid" a lot in conversation. I'm trying to think of some examples but nothing is coming to mind. Just trust me when I say that he does.

Anyways, the goal of this blog since the time I started it was to give people an honest look into my life as I finish my teaching degree and begin the transition from being a student full time to being in the classroom full time. A candid look, as Shane would say.

That includes the moments that are less than perfect. That includes the moments that just flat out suck.

Lately that's how things have been. Nothing alarming or unmanageable, just less than awesome.

On Sunday, I decided to be active and actually DO something in an effort to make myself feel better. So I got up, got on a ferry and spent the day in Seattle.

The weather was perfect. It was bright and sunny but still cold. Just the way I like it.

This is the view from Pike Place Market. I'm not usually a touristy person, but I really do think everyone should visit Pike Place at least once. It's an awesome experience.

Another really awesome thing about Seattle is the street art. There are sculptures and other cool things all over the place. This is just a tiny example of some of the things I saw. It's a penguin made out of all recycled materials. My favorite part is the ice cream scoops.

This is the view from the Seattle Public Library. Which, if you are anything like me and like books in the least. The Seattle Library is the place for you. It's amazing and HUGE. I believe it's 8 or 9 floors.
I saved this picture for last because it's the most important. This was taken inside the Seattle Art Museum. Right now, admission to the museum is donation only so you can pay whatever you can afford. These are cars that hang in the lobby. Super clever.
It was inside the art museum that I finally had my zen moment. I was standing in front of a real Monet painting (you would have to know what a weird, art obsessed kid I was growing up to realize the importance of this). Anyways, I was standing in front of a real Monet for what seemed like probably half an hour. For whatever reason, this painting really shifted my perspective on things. I just stood there, and I could feel the change in me. I knew I was able to handle everything. I knew for certain that everything was going to be okay, that I was going to be okay.

p.s. It was this Monet, in case you were curious.

*photo courtesy of google*

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