Saturday, September 19, 2009

Happy Birthday

I bet you don't know that my mom was fairly young when I was born.

Or if you do know that, what's up real world friends.

Sometimes this made growing up rocky, even now I meet pretentious jerks who look down on me and think that because I am the product of teenage pregnancy I'm automatically white trash and going to be a bad influence. But whatever.

Even though my mom was a baby herself when I was born, she did a kickass job of raising me and instilling in me all the values that are important to instill in your spawn. For example,
-my mom taught me to love super tacos from Jack in the Box
-She also taught me how to nurture a grudge like it's a newborn child
-Lastly, she taught me to be assertive and not take shit from anyone.

My mom is my best friend and not in the hackneyed "relatives by blood, friends by choice" way. My mom is my best friend because she supports me unconditionally and deals with my emotional crises and does a damn good job of hating the same people and things that I hate.

Today is my mom's birthday and even though she is sick and doesn't want to do anything over the top and fun, I'm determined to make sure she has a kickass day because she's the most kickass person I know.

Happy Birthday Mama!

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