Saturday, August 29, 2009

I need motivaton

Dear Whitney,

Today you woke up at 10. That's not cool. Normally, you would be up at 6. But now, your body is turning on you and you're used to not having to get up and do anything.


Before the middle of September comes and the only thing you have done with your life is add a few new things to your etsy shop and play video games. NOT COOL.

Get a job, sister. At least work on getting a job. Ok, let's compromise, at least PRETEND that you are at least WORKING on getting a job.

Look, I know it's been at least 2 years since you've had a time when you aren't either working or going to school and I really do think you should be allowed to enjoy this time and be eternally in your pajamas and only make contact with 3ish people from the outside world. But please, please, draw the line somewhere.

I'm going to check back in with you in a week and if you're still pulling this shit, I might have to pull the wifi from your bedroom.

The more productive-adultish version of yourself.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Frrriiddaaay Fiivvee

1. Today I tried paper macheing light switch covers. It was messy and totally fun. I'm going to wait until it dries but I think this might be something I'll start doing more often and eventually start selling them.

2. Now that I'm not working and devoting all of my time to lesson plans and unwinding from looonnng Summer days, I've been watching a lot of tv shows on DVD. I've now watched the first four seasons of The Office (which never stops being funny) and the first two seasons of 30 Rock.

3. I'm having one of those blah days. While it's nothing in particular that is making me feel this way, I just don't feel like leaving the house, or more specifically, leaving my bed. I know that tomorrow it will pass but for now, I just feel like curling up with a book and not thinking about anything to serious or important.

4. I am running out of things to say, so I'm going to post two items I've had saved on my favorites for when I have money or need to give an awesome gift. The first is:

The retro Birds Misha bag found here. Check out Deyitta's shop for lots of other super cute and super practical bags.

5. I've had this card saved for awhile now and have been waiting for the perfect reason to buy it.
This and other super sweet and unique cards can be found at PaperMichelle's shop.

Alright, I'm off to enjoy more time and bed. Maybe I'll watch a movie, or read a book. Or just enjoy some quiet time to myself.

All the love in the universe,

Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Five

1. I don't have a job. Is this coming off dramatic enough? Yesterday I signed my very last time card and walked out the door. Then it hit me, shit. I don't have a job. You know what I do have? Almost $3000 in credit card debt and no perspective job. Oddly enough, I'm not stressing about this as much as you would think. I'm trying to be all open minded about this situation and know that when the time is right and if I work hard enough, I'm bound to find a new job. Wrong. I'm unemployed.

2. You know what I do a lot of? Internet creeping. Here are some of the sites I highly recommend. I'm going to use the next few points to recommend some top quality reading material.

3. -Texts from Last Night. Funny beyond belief. You know what I really love about this site? The fact that you can search by area code!

4. My Life is Average. Full of Harry Potter, fort and nerdy to the max jokes. I love knowing that there are people out there who are just as average as I am.

5.1000 Awesome Things Pretty self explanatory and super funny.

6. The Spohrs are Multiplying. Seriously heart wrenching. Reading this blog has changed my outlook on life. This family inspires me to be a better blogger and just a better person in general.

7. Bakers and Astronauts. A super clever site for all things teachery. I have learned so many ideas that I plan on utilizing when I have my own classroom. Or maybe when I get a new job.

Alright, I'm off to go soak up the unemployed life.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Sometimes I have a hard time writing about things when I don't have anything to complain about.

Here's a comic while I take a short break and figure out what I want to talk about.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Brave Little Toaster. Or "Things that messed up my childhood"

You know what? I'm really not the type of person to blame my problems on other people or things. 99.9999% of the time, when I'm having a bad day, I know it has to do with my attitude and the fact that my blood sugar is now too low for me to appropriately handle a situation or I'm just a natural born negative nancy.

BUT... I know for certain in my heart that any kind of personality flaw that I have that has held on since my childhood is all because of the movie "The Brave Little Toaster".

The Brave Little Toaster is about a blanket, a lamp and some other shit that is abandoned by their master and they try to find him. EXCEPT that a douchey vacuum cleaner tags along and is SUCH a prick (this is the reason why I have such animosity towards vacuum cleaners, except for the dyson ball which I lust for).

It's a tragic tale of love and loss and growing up and being too old and too cool for your super awesome blanket and it's super awesome face.

This movie messed with my head and made my start feeling all insecure and unappreciative of my household appliances.

Next time we'll talk about my hatred for "Follow That Bird" but for now I need to go curl up with my blanket and punch my vacuum cleaner.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Where is the milk or "Things Heard Here on a Sunday Morning"

My parents are gone this weekend. As I write this in my pajamas on their couch, they are off romping in the ocean and having a grand ol' time (This is known as good old fashion Catholic guilt).

When I stumbled downstairs and frantically searched for something to eat, I called to my mom out of habit "Where the fuck is the milk".

It was then that I realized that my parents are pretty damn amazing.

My parents are the kind of people who display the definition of unconditional love on a daily, weekly and eternal basis.

I know that I could call my mom right now and tell her that instead of becoming a teacher (which we have both already mutually financed) I want to move to Greece and do daily reenactments of Mamma Mia! and you know what she would say, well after she would get pissy for interrupting the remaining hours of their vacation. Something along the lines of "Well Alright Whitney, Well look up tickets to Greece when I get home". That's the kind of people they are.

Growing up I thought this is just what parents do, love and support and do whatever they can to help their spawn reach their dreams no matter what they are. Working with kids has helped me not only appreciate my parents more on a mature level but has helped me realize that loving and supporting my sister and I in the way that they do is not what all parents do, it's just what kickass parents do.

Now Mom, come home soon because I really need to know where the milk is.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

What's up Gangster or "Getting to Know Me"

I bet you don't know that I've been blogging for almost 7 years. That's 1/3 of my whole life. You're not going to be able to find the blog that started it all because that shit it locked up tight, but somewhere out there are the ramblings of my preteen, teen and young adult self. Scary as hell.

Let's see what you should know if you are by chance coming across this and don't know me in the real world (RW).

I'm going to school to be a teacher. I've been saying that for the majority of the last few years but now it's come true and happening fast. Being a teacher is the only thing I have ever wanted to do with my life. When I was six, I was lining up my stuffed animals and correcting spelling errors in scented marker.

I am fortunate to have never been one of those people who didn't know what they were going to do with their lives. Teaching has been my drive and I have skipped every after high school crisis that all my friends went through.

I've worked at a non profit organization for the last year. This has changed me in ways I am not even sure of yet. Sometimes I get so emotionally and mentally caught up in my job and the kids that I work with that I've gone into the bathroom and thrown up when I know that their lives are shitty and it's beyond my control (ok, this has only happened twice but whatever). I don't like most of my coworkers but the ones that I do like, they mean the world to me. As I write this, I am getting ready to start my very last week there before I move on to hopefully bigger and better things.

I'm not emotional about a whole lot but there are a few kids who I can't even imagine not seeing on a regular basis. My leaving there has come at the perfect time though, I'm ready to have a real adult job, I'm burnt out on lame immature work politics and I feel like I have poured all my time and energy into these kids and have nothing else to give them.

Now, let's talk about why I'm shifting gears. First and foremost, I eternally have A LOT to say. I have opinions about just about everything and I feel like it's my civic duty to share them (sarcasm). I also seem to find myself in situations that are mind boggling and amazing (for example, a few nights ago my coworker was here until 1 am and we were playing with fake guns). Plus I'm such a blog creep myself that I might as well feed the other creeps like myself out there.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Never too early for Halloween

The past week it has been 100 degrees. On Wednesday it was the hottest it has been in almost 120 years. This made work extremely difficult because it was too hot to be outside and we had only so many spaces that will accommodate all of our kids.

Anyways... here is what's new in the shop. Halloween studs!!

All the love in the universe,