Saturday, March 14, 2009

One Sick Puppy

My beloved Bono dog is really sick. Everyone in my house has had some sort of flu within the past week and on Monday morning when I was getting ready for school I noticed he was wheezing.

Bono is a shih-tzu and they are known to have quite a few nose and breathing problems so we just kind of shrugged it off and decided to not get alarmed just yet.

By Wednesday things still didn't get better and now he was just laying around and not eating much of anything. We took him into the vet. I don't like talking bad about people because I like to be optimistic and hope that maybe she was just having a bad day but her bedside manner was horrific. Not just to him but to us. She not-so gently told us that it's either pneumonia (which is treatale with pills and rest) or heart disease (which is um, not treatable). In order to diagnosis it, he woud need over $600 in tests.

She gave us an antibiotic to try and if he didn't get better it was heart disease.

We decided to get a 2nd opinion, I mean he's only 2 and barely goes outside, we buy him special food so he eats well and he's not overweight. There is no reason why he would be knocking on death's door.

The 2nd vet was wonderful. She told us that although heart disease was a possible given that his heart is a little rounder shaped then most dogs, there was just as much of a chancce of it being pneumonia and he would recover.

They gave him 2 new antibiotics, a pill that will open up his air way and a dieretic that will move some of the fluid in his lungs out. We also paid to have a second set of x-rays sent to a radiologist that way we will know for sure what it is.

Keep him in your thoughts <3

On a lighter note, to take my mind of things a little I'm having a Saturday only sale (Free shipping on EVERYTHING!). I'm also working hard to get my samples ready to be featured in the March little black box.

Have a good weekend,
Whitney and her sick Bono dog.

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