Saturday, March 7, 2009

First Craft related injury

Yesterday after my biology class I came home to find that my business cards had arrived (they are awesome by the way). I was so excited to open the package that somehow my index fingernail on my right hand got snagged on the packing tape and ripped half of my finger nail right off.

Needless to say it hurts really bad and there may or may not have been tears at the time.

I have it all wrapped up now but it's making life a little difficult considering that I'm right handed and have to type up a ten page paper.

On a lighter note, I am now up to 7 sales!

Here's some of the new things I've got going on...

Itty Bitty Black Bats! I love them. I know it's way to early for Halloween things but still, how can you resist?

Dark Purple starfish! I'm thinking about making a category called under the sea because I'm liking these so much. I also have some seashells :)

Aren't these pretty little orange flowers? I don't know what kind they are though. My hands look scaley but I promise it's just glue. That is my left hand so you cannot see my half a finger nail injury.

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