Friday, February 20, 2009

The more you read, the better you read.

It is almost impossible to get a room with 25 first and second graders interested in reading.

I'm great on a smaller scale. I do an awesome out loud reading of Strega Nona and I love recommending books about star wars and crafts and broken families. But when it comes to a large group, I drown.

Until recently. On Wednesday I went into work 2 hours early and created "book bags". Plastic freezer bags with 4 or 5 books in them. I tried to balance non-fiction with kick ass picture books. When we go to do homework right after snack time these are their options, do your homework, grab a book bag or sit quietly.

The first day they protested. I picked dumb books, reading is dumb, blah blah blah. Those are the only choices I am willing to give so you either jump on board and read whatever books are randomly distributed to you or you're stuck in your seat for an hour being miserable.

Today it worked wonderfully. Many of my second grade girls got Junie B Jones books which are always a big hit. One of my most inpatient and negative girls got a copy of a Jon Scieszka book.
Not only is it making homework time a little less stressful but it's introducing them to genres that otherwise they would never read.

Tonight I'm going to bed tired and behind on my homework for the week but hey, I've got them reading, like actually reading whole books on their own. I'll take any victory I can get.

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